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Discover Six Eco-Friendly “Adders” & “Subtractors”

Written by Carolina Parra- Marketing Lead Eco Rep Imagine this: you’re finally planting your long-awaited Gardenias in your garden, but when you get down in the dirt, you discover how poor the soil is and the many critters that may want to harm your prized plants. Most people would automatically resort to chemical fertilizers andContinue reading “Discover Six Eco-Friendly “Adders” & “Subtractors””

A Basic Guide to Fall & Winter Gardening in North Texas

Written by Anna Reid – Garden Initiative (Eco Hub) Eco Rep With summer coming to an end and cooler days just on the horizon, you might think the gardening season is over. Well, for DFW in zone 8A, it’s just the beginning. Even though Texas winters have a reputation for being quite unpredictable and haveContinue reading “A Basic Guide to Fall & Winter Gardening in North Texas”