Exploitation In Your Closet?

Over the years, shopping has evolved from necessity to hobby. Many of us look for the latest trend at the lowest price. What we fail to recognize is that our shopping sprees fuel an industry that places profit over environmental and human health. Concealed from consumers and shielded by self-interest is a global environmental justiceContinue reading “Exploitation In Your Closet?”

Buying a Bike for Transportation

By Ian Seamans – Eco Rep Want to get happier, healthier, significantly reduce your carbon footprint and save money on gas? Try riding a bike! Getting started with biking can be intimidating at first, so this guide is here to help. We will cover the types of bikes available, three key aspects of a bike,Continue reading “Buying a Bike for Transportation”

Uncovering the Wonder of Worms

When someone mentions worms, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? That they’re grossly wiggly, perhaps even slimy and disease-ridden?  While their wiggle may make some people queasy, neither they nor their minuscule amounts of slime cause nor carry disease. In fact, their slime is how they breathe: excreted by the ring-like gland calledContinue reading “Uncovering the Wonder of Worms”

Beeswax Really is the Bees’ Knees

Why is beeswax so important, and where did the phrase ‘bees knees’ come from anyway? Do bees even have knees?   Let’s start with beeswax. Most of it is produced by young worker bees aged 14-21 days because, as a bee gets older, her wax glands shrink. Older worker bees may help to produce wax ifContinue reading “Beeswax Really is the Bees’ Knees”

International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day

By Mohini Shanker So what exactly connects the words “sunflower”, “guerrilla”, and “gardening” to make one special day of collective action? Guerrilla gardening is the reclamation practice of planting in neglected public spaces that are not authorized for gardening. Guerrilla gardeners plant flowers and vegetables and maintain the plants in these designated areas, continuing aContinue reading “International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day”

Earth Week At A Glance

Before the 1970s, the United States did not have any stringent environmental regulations in place. Because of this disparity, Senator Gaylord Nelson established Earth Day (April 22nd) to shed light on the importance of taking action to protect our planet. Millions of Americans participated in demonstrations to show support. Today, Earth Day Network (EDN) coordinatesContinue reading “Earth Week At A Glance”

The Invisible Pollution of Urban Waterways

You know not to litter, you know to not dump dangerous chemicals, but did you know that you might be unintentionally contributing nutrient pollutants to waterways? Because most land in urban areas is covered in impermeable surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and compacted dirt, rain water can’t soak into the ground. Instead, rain enters storm drainsContinue reading “The Invisible Pollution of Urban Waterways”

5 Common Garden Mistakes for Beginners

I started getting into plants and gardening during quarantine, and it is such a fun way to destress and grow my own food! Because I am a college student living in an apartment, my garden is currently herbs, but I have previously enjoyed planting other vegetables such as peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, cauliflower, and kale! WhatContinue reading “5 Common Garden Mistakes for Beginners”

The Language of Trees

Once thought of as silent and independent organisms, trees and their ecosystems have recently become a hot topic in the scientific community. This entered the public eye in 2015 when Peter Wohlleben published his book The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate – Discoveries from a Secret World with a strikingContinue reading “The Language of Trees”

You Live In an Endangered Eco-Region

If you live in North Texas, you are probably not aware that you live in one of the United States’ most endangered eco-regions. Stretching from the Oklahoma border to San Antonio is the Blackland Prairie. 200 years ago, it was said to look like a sea of tall grasses as far as the eye couldContinue reading “You Live In an Endangered Eco-Region”

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