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The Many Positive Effects of Houseplants

Written by Anna Reid- Eco Hub Eco Rep Ah, the simple house plant. Most of us have them, whether it be a single cactus your grandma gave you or a miniature jungle you’ve collected over the past ten years (guilty). Still, not everyone realizes they have many positive effects. These positive effects range from scientificContinue reading “The Many Positive Effects of Houseplants”

Discover Six Eco-Friendly “Adders” & “Subtractors”

Written by Carolina Parra- Marketing Lead Eco Rep Imagine this: you’re finally planting your long-awaited Gardenias in your garden, but when you get down in the dirt, you discover how poor the soil is and the many critters that may want to harm your prized plants. Most people would automatically resort to chemical fertilizers andContinue reading “Discover Six Eco-Friendly “Adders” & “Subtractors””

RCE North Texas Conference

Written by Gwen Schaulis- Sustainability Service Honors & Environ. Justice Eco Rep November was an exciting month for our office! We partnered with the University of Texas at Arlington’s Office of Sustainability to gather a network of multidisciplinary leaders within the North Texas region with the purpose of promoting education for sustainable development. This collaborationContinue reading “RCE North Texas Conference”

Mother Nature’s Mathematical Patterns

Written by Mohini Shanker– Eco Hub Eco-Rep We’ve all seen patterns in nature, but how–and why– do they actually form? How do they bring together concepts of math and beauty? Let’s jump into one pattern that finds itself in several different natural forms: tessellations. Tessellations are geometric patterns consisting of shapes that cover a 2DContinue reading “Mother Nature’s Mathematical Patterns”

Sleeping Be(e)auty: Why Bees Need a Good Night’s Rest

Eve Gersh – Bee Campus USA Eco Rep If flying up to ten miles a day, a distance more than 100,000 times your body length, sounds like hard work: that’s because it is. Yet, foraging honeybees do this daily to contribute to their honey stores for the hive. It is no wonder they need toContinue reading “Sleeping Be(e)auty: Why Bees Need a Good Night’s Rest”

A Bright Future for Flash Graphene

Written by Hunter Chan, Zero Waste Logistics Eco-Rep In the 1960s, the US produced around 100M tons of municipal solid waste (MSW). According to the Environmental Protection Agency figures from 2018, the country has nearly tripled its volume of waste to 292.4M tons. Increasingly, the attention has shifted to food and plastic waste. The EPAContinue reading “A Bright Future for Flash Graphene”

Wave “Hello” to Wave Energy

Written by Jaime Valdez– STARS Analyst & Community Outreach Eco-Rep Did you know that generating electricity produces 60% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions1? Greenhouse gas emissions heavily contribute to climate change and the overall health of our planet. Now, imagine if I told you that there is a new energy technology that will completelyContinue reading “Wave “Hello” to Wave Energy”

Exploitation In Your Closet?

Written by Gwen Schaulis- Education Outreach and Programming Eco-Rep Over the years, shopping has evolved from necessity to hobby. Many of us look for the latest trend at the lowest price. What we fail to recognize is that our shopping sprees fuel an industry that places profit over environmental and human health. Concealed from consumersContinue reading “Exploitation In Your Closet?”

A Basic Guide to Fall & Winter Gardening in North Texas

Written by Anna Reid – Garden Initiative (Eco Hub) Eco Rep With summer coming to an end and cooler days just on the horizon, you might think the gardening season is over. Well, for DFW in zone 8A, it’s just the beginning. Even though Texas winters have a reputation for being quite unpredictable and haveContinue reading “A Basic Guide to Fall & Winter Gardening in North Texas”

Uncovering the Wonder of Worms

Written by Carolina Parra – Marketing Lead Eco-Rep When someone mentions worms, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? That they’re grossly wiggly, perhaps even slimy and disease-ridden?  While their wiggle may make some people queasy, neither they nor their minuscule amounts of slime cause nor carry disease. In fact, their slime is howContinue reading “Uncovering the Wonder of Worms”