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The Green Convene

ECO UTD, Citizen’s Climate Lobby, Deeds Not Words… there is so many incredible student organizations on the campus of UT Dallas, all leading action projects for change. In fact, UT Dallas has grown, and we are now home to over 500 student organizations. However, sometimes it can be difficult for organizations to be “in theContinue reading “The Green Convene”

Introducing: The New “Recycling” Page

As a student who is passionate about environmental action, I strive to make sure I am recycling whenever possible. However, even as a leader for the Office of Sustainability, I often still have questions about what can and canโ€™t be recycled. A takeout container? A plastic bag? What about an old ice cream carton? EvenContinue reading “Introducing: The New “Recycling” Page”

Bee Balcony Workshops

Plants! We know them, we love them. Flowers make the world prettier, vegetables produce the food we eat, and leaves give us the oxygen that we need to survive. Plants are vital to all life on earth, but they have needs too. Most flowering plants require pollination to propagate and pollination is necessary to three-quartersContinue reading “Bee Balcony Workshops”

Moving In: The Sustainable Way

With the new school year coming up, some students have chosen to move back to campus, whereas others have chosen to remain in their current living accommodations. For those that may be moving in soon, welcome back to UT Dallas! For those that arenโ€™t, I still send my virtual welcome! Move-in this year also willContinue reading “Moving In: The Sustainable Way”

Back to Campus

This fall, many of UT Dallasโ€™ events and organizations will look quite different than they have before. The Office of Sustainability wants to make sure that information regarding events and plans are as clear as possible!  Comet Composting Comet Composting is a program where students, faculty, and staff can receive a composting caddy and learnContinue reading “Back to Campus”

How to Plan a Sustainable Event

Sustainable event planning is a win for everyone. It’s good for the earth, your budget, and your attendees will definitely appreciate the effort and being able to play their part. Below are 8 steps you can take towards planning your next (and greener) event. Going green not only helps you do your part in protectingContinue reading “How to Plan a Sustainable Event”

Get Involved with Sustainability

As school starts up online and the world feels disconnected, getting involved with student organizations is more important than ever to making friends and making change. Getting involved with clubs is a great way to feel more connected to campus and the environment around, wherever you may be. There are many clubs and organizations dedicatedContinue reading “Get Involved with Sustainability”

Good Health and Well-Being

Upon first looking at the UN Sustainable Development Goals, I remember thinking that some of them did not quite fit like the others. When thinking about sustainability, there were some that obviously came to mind for me- #13 (Climate Action), #7 (Affordable and Clean Energy), or #11 (Sustainable Cities & Communities). To me, goals suchContinue reading “Good Health and Well-Being”