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The Best Nature Spots Near UTD

Written by Ian Seamans Whether you’re an experienced hiker or someone who just wants to get some sun, there are a number of nature areas close to UTD where you can get your nature fix. This list includes some of my personal favorite nature spots within minutes of campus. In addition to information about gettingContinue reading “The Best Nature Spots Near UTD”

How to be Bird-Friendly

House Sparrow (© Brenda Clark, some rights reserved CC BY-NC 4.0) Written By Ian Seamans Making your home or apartment more bird-friendly is one of the most rewarding ways to be a conservationist. Watching a cardinal nibble from your bird feeder or watching a couple of mockingbirds dance from your kitchen window is a beautifulContinue reading “How to be Bird-Friendly”

Buying a Bike for Transportation

By Ian Seamans – Bike Friendly University Eco Rep Want to get happier, healthier, significantly reduce your carbon footprint and save money on gas? Try riding a bike! Getting started with biking can be intimidating at first, so this guide is here to help. We will cover the types of bikes available, three key aspectsContinue reading “Buying a Bike for Transportation”

The Invisible Pollution of Urban Waterways

You know not to litter, you know to not dump dangerous chemicals, but did you know that you might be unintentionally contributing nutrient pollutants to waterways? Because most land in urban areas is covered in impermeable surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and compacted dirt, rain water can’t soak into the ground. Instead, rain enters storm drainsContinue reading “The Invisible Pollution of Urban Waterways”

You Live In an Endangered Eco-Region

If you live in North Texas, you are probably not aware that you live in one of the United States’ most endangered eco-regions. Stretching from the Oklahoma border to San Antonio is the Blackland Prairie. 200 years ago, it was said to look like a sea of tall grasses as far as the eye couldContinue reading “You Live In an Endangered Eco-Region”

Help Future You by Registering Your Bike

If you use a bike or scooter on campus, you are probably concerned about bike theft. It takes just moments to grab an unattended bike, and only a minute to use some bolt cutters on a chain. Afterwards, you can file a police report, but most bikes are never returned to their owner. This isn’tContinue reading “Help Future You by Registering Your Bike”

Learn How to Take Care of Your Bike

If you’re a new bike owner, or have biked for years, I would highly recommend watching this REI bike maintenance tutorial. They give a broad overview of your bike, how to conduct a quick check, and how to fix common issues. If you are short on time, I would most recommend the section between 4:27Continue reading “Learn How to Take Care of Your Bike”