Earth Week At A Glance

Before the 1970s, the United States did not have any stringent environmental regulations in place. Because of this disparity, Senator Gaylord Nelson established Earth Day (April 22nd) to shed light on the importance of taking action to protect our planet. Millions of Americans participated in demonstrations to show support.

Today, Earth Day Network (EDN) coordinates Earth Day annually with over 193 countries around the globe! Additionally, many localities dedicate an entire week to raising awareness about environmental issues and taking small steps to make a difference, such as signing petitions and choosing sustainable products for daily use.

At UT Dallas, the Office of Sustainability celebrated Earth Week 2022 by hosting a wide variety of events, such as beehive installations, composting trainings, bike tours, campus cleanups, and much more! Earth Fair was the culminating event of the month, and this year’s theme was Climate Action. Sustainability-oriented departments, organizations, and community partners came together to provide information and interactive activities for students.

Although Earth Month has come to a close, students are encouraged to continue volunteering and staying engaged through our Sustainability Newsletter and social media (@utd_sustainability).


By Anastasia Whittemore

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