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The Green Convene

ECO UTD, Citizen’s Climate Lobby, Deeds Not Words… there is so many incredible student organizations on the campus of UT Dallas, all leading action projects for change. In fact, UT Dallas has grown, and we are now home to over 500 student organizations. However, sometimes it can be difficult for organizations to be “in the know” about what others are up to. In order to push for campus-wide change, it’s essential that everyone is on the same page.

Back in March, I remember discussing this with the other Eco Reps in an Office of Sustainability meeting. After all, it is impossible to know what everyone is up to on campus. Maybe there’s someone else with your same goals, another person who has already laid the groundwork for a project you want to pursue, an organization that could benefit from your leadership. We imagined what it would be like if everyone on campus could find a way to collaborate. Instead of just one organization advocating for change, ten could stand in solidarity with them and support. That is when the idea of “The Green Convene” was born.

As Eco Reps, we firmly believe that sustainability is not just about environmentalism- it is an all-encompassing idea of building a better world for everyone. The United Nations has actually developed Sustainable Development Goals, which frame much of the worldwide change that we are hoping for by 2030.

Looking at these Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it’s clear that many student groups on campus are contributing to sustainable development, whether or not they fit the conventional definition of “green.” So, we’ve sent out the call to everyone we could think of. Whether you’re contributing to women’s rights, fighting global poverty, or protecting endangered animals, you are a sustainability leader. And we want everyone represented.

The Green Convene will be held on Thursday, October 8 from 5-6:30pm. At the event, we’re planning to have an open discussion about the Sustainable Development goals, as well as a time to breakout in rooms to chat about the topics you’re most passionate about! We hope to exit this event united as sustainability leaders, with clear action projects that we can support each other in. Interested in attending? Fill out this form:

Written by Paulina Hruskoci


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