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Introducing: The New “Recycling” Page

A recycling bin on the UT Dallas campus

As a student who is passionate about environmental action, I strive to make sure I am recycling whenever possible. However, even as a leader for the Office of Sustainability, I often still have questions about what can and can’t be recycled. A takeout container? A plastic bag? What about an old ice cream carton?

Even though the information is out there, it can be hard to find. After all, every town, campus, and county is different. A simple google search often won’t give you the answers you need. Through the introduction of a “Recycling” page on The Greenhouse, our Eco Rep blog, we are hoping to make this information more accessible to everyone on campus. On it, you can find single-stream recycling information, special recycling locations on campus, and FAQs. You can even submit you own Q&A for a chance to be featured on the page!

Plastic wrap: one form of special recycling on the UTD campus

We hope that this continued education will help all students on campus to not just recycle- but to Recycle Right. The Washington State Department of Ecology ( describes why it is so important to recycle correctly; because if non-recyclable items end up in the recycling, they can clog machines and even prevent processing of recyclables into new products. In my attempts to reduce the amount of trash going to the landfill, I have been guilty of stretching the limits of what can and can’t be recycled. In my mind, I was helping the environment by diverting waste. However, this form of inaccurate recycling can lead to even more problems, contaminating the infrastructure we have in place. It’s essential that we strive to only recycle what can be recycled. As the Washington state websites concludes, “recycle right to make sure your recycling efforts don’t go to waste.”

So, if you ever have a question about recycling, The Greenhouse’s Recycling page is the new place for you to go! Check it out!

By Paulina Hruskoci


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