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Cleaning Up Campus

Do you even pickup, bro?

Image: Students pose with their collected trash at the end of the cleanup.

Community cleanups are a great way to make an impact on your community and become more aware of your environmental impact. It can often be disheartening to see the state of litter in the environment, but even picking up a small amount of trash makes a difference and is a perfect way to engage with your natural surroundings!

Saturday the 18th, UT Dallas held it’s first Campus Cleanup. A big thank you to all the amazing volunteers who came out and collected a total of collected 38.31 lbs. of trash and 7.56 lbs. of recycling!

Volunteers cleaned up areas around the Monarch Waystation, the baseball fields, and the parking lots on the east side of campus. Campus Cleanups are going to become a monthly event, so keep an eye out for sign-ups on the Comet Calendar! We look forward to seeing you there!

By Sophia Boisvert


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